Do you remember the first time you rolled over, crawled or walked? Probably not. But what about the first time you rode a bike? Yes? It’s amazing how many people do. And their experience is usually related with a smile. So why is it such a strong memory? The exhilaration, independence, mobility. Probably all of these and more …

E7Vid_box The video takes up this theme along with action from more than 20 bikes featured in the 2002-3 (No 7) book, as well as features linked to the book and a special feature on UMIST’s students’ attempt to design a folding recumbent. The music soundtrack is courtesy of Martin Stephenson and Scott MacDonald.

Each bike feature contains action footage, close-up detail shots, and on-screen graphics highlighting key points for each of the bikes and, where possible, each bike is viewed from 360 degrees.

The video used to sell separately in CD format for US$12 – – follow the cd case link to view it on YouTube.